Allen Foster

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Allen Foster is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist from Brunswick, Maine, whose work has been embraced by respected artists and applauded by loyal fans across multiple genres.

His music is grounded in the deep roots of country and rock, and his songs are already known for their ability to stir hearts and rattle souls across genres and generations. As a professional musician, he’s a self-proclaimed late-bloomer, but truth be told, his musical work is the product of a long-simmering passion that’s now primed and ready to blow the music world wide open.

The timing couldn’t be better for listeners who’ve been longing for someone of such caliber to emerge with powerful rock and Americana sounds again. And with early recognition that’s thrown him into the spotlight from the Northeast to Nashville, he’s got the momentum.

Foster is motivated by the ideals and events of everyday life in America; chief among them is celebrating and supporting his peers in the forestry/logging industry who risk their lives to supply the world with forest products. Logging, like music, has connections to nearly every part of life, but for Foster, it IS a way of life.

“He has a pure, no-nonsense attitude about music, forestry, and genuine hard work,” said longtime music industry professional Paula Hersom, who is Foster’s partner in business and life. “It’s great to see him embrace this part of his life. It’s always been about hard-work days and long nights, but now he gets to share the sounds that come from it — from working within the rhythms that are born in the woods of Maine.”

Allen Foster’s previous accomplishments:

On 2008 Allen won a Nashville Songwriting competition with his song, “Your Name On It” through Paramount Song. They then released his song on a compilation album. That followed with 2 more song releases on compilations.

Your Name On It is off a 6 song Ep he wrote for his Becoming August project.

This same track was then picked up by Gabby Barrett who was 3rd runner up on American Idol 2018. She released a 3 song Ep, “Fireflies” , which contains 3 songs written by Foster and co-written by Barrett.

Becoming August

The Minutes And The Mistress

Time Of The Year