Hillary Paige Warring (HILLSTAXX) was born and raised in the small town of Bath,Maine. She has a unique, old–style way of singing with a touch of rock n’ roll. Hillary began her music career by playing open mics and soon was traveling to Wimberly Texas recording her first EP at Yellow Dog Studios. The lyrics take you on a journey through her years of becoming an adult in the northernwoods. Her edgy look and classic voice bring out the American tomboy lifestyle that tells her story. Right out of school she had challenges and began writing songs around her experience and memories. Her debut EP, “Awaiting The Dew”, begins with her first song Angel. Hillstaxx wrote this around the emotions and experience of losing her mother to cancer. This was the first song she wrote on her own. The Ep has a combination of summer feeling hits and the angst of youthful pain. From beginning to end, the five song Ep is an experience of its own, felt within the heartand soul.

This project was made possible by Allen Foster & Paula Hersom ♡  This journey has brought out my passion for music that I can share with the world. All the countless and sleepless hours of visions & thoughts that i’ve created are being brought to life.

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